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When I founded Lime Consulting, I was determined to work with companies that are here to make a difference to the world, to drive social impact and to disturb the status quo. There, the fact that Everybody Counts was my first client is no coincidence. 

Founded by an ex International School Head and a renowned mathematics author and co-founder of the Dyscalculia Association, Everybody Counts sets out to change how the world learns maths. The solution is a web and app-based maths mastery platform that takes the proven model championed in Singapore and makes it affordable. Previously Maths Mastery was too expensive to make it widely available, however Everybody Counts has disturbed the model to the extent that they are working with Ministries of Education globally to roll out across their school estates. 

Funding is no longer the reason that only a select few can learn maths, and maths skills will be ever more vital as the world embraces technology and the advent of AI. The revolutionary approach from Everybody Counts removes a lot of the stigma around maths and encourages parents to understand how maths is taught to their children and improve their own maths skills. 

Comprehensive teacher notes, an incredibly impressive teacher training portfolio, a solution built with dyslexia and dyscalculia needs at its core, and the ability to be multilingual means that Everybody Counts is a solution that every school or MoE should consider. 

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