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Being a parent of girls of 14 and 11, there is nothing more important to me than their wellbeing, and that will be the same of every parent, but to be able to work with a company like The Happy Confident Company, who are making it their life’s work to improve social emotional literacy in young children is awesome What they do genuinely makes a difference and everyone needs to know about it. 

They offer one of the most advanced and comprehensive wellbeing programme for children aged 3 to 14. It teaches children how to better articulate and manage their feelings and self-regulate, and how to be kinder, more creative and more resilient. The impact is a significant improvement in their behaviour and their overall happiness and confidence, and it saves teachers a lot of time managing the classroom.   

What makes it totally unique and easy to implement is that the programme can be delivered in as little as 10 minutes a day, through a series of videos and engaging resources and it requires little to no teacher training. It is being implemented in hundreds of schools across the world and the feedback has proven that the improvement on pupils’ behaviour and the inclusivity of the school community is palpable in a matter of weeks.  

If you are responsible for wellbeing in your school, how could you not want to know more. Either message me on LinkedIn, or email me on ian@limeedu.co.uk or contact them directly on the website https://www.happyconfident.com/schools-programme/

Or, you can take a look at this video, it’s possibly the most important eight minutes of your day, it explains the programme and contains excerpts of some of the highly engaging resources that are used to teach children about emotional intelligence and life skills: https://bit.ly/HCC_WholeSchool.



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