Welcome to Lime Education Consulting, I hope that you find something here that's of interest to you.

Limelight is the Lime Education blog and from time to time I'll be shining a spotlight on people in the industry I'm working with, or things that are of interest to me and might be of interest to you. There are some amazing things happening in the world of EdTech that I can hopefully share with you over the coming months.

With lots of conferences and events to come there will also be many opportunities for stories and photos, I'm also planning to open the blog up to other people to share their thoughts about the world of EdTech, and how we help to improve the world of education for teachers and pupils. Watch out for the first couple of blogs which will shine the Limelight on Maths Mastery and Social Emotional Learning


Wishing Well

Being a parent of girls of 14 and 11, there is nothing more important to me than their wellbeing, and that will be the same of every parent, but to be able to work with a company like The Happy Confident Company, who are making it their life’s work to improve social emotional literacy in young children is awesome What they do genuinely makes a difference and everyone needs to know about it. 



Counting Stars

When I founded Lime Consulting, I was determined to work with companies that are here to make a difference to the world, to drive social impact and to disturb the status quo. There, the fact that Everybody Counts was my first client is no coincidence. 

Stand by me

When I made the decision to start Lime Education, I was excited and terrified in equal measure, in fact I was probably much more terrified than excited if I’m honest. Whilst I genuinely felt I had something to offer companies who were looking to grow internationally it was a scary first step.

Philadelphia Freedom

Having spent over twenty-five years in EdTech in one way, shape or form, it’s probably surprising that I’ve not actually done much at all in the US and have certainly never been to a conference or an event; but all that changed a couple of weeks ago in Philadelphia when I visited ISTE 2023.

Why Lime?

Welcome to Lime Education Consulting and welcome to Limelight, here I’ll be sharing my thoughts on what is happening in the sector, feeding back on events and conferences, spotlighting great practice and promoting the best of what is happening in the EdTech sector.

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Ian has worked in the EdTech market for over 25 years and has worked for some of the largest education companies in the world including Tes Global, Discovery Education and RM Education. As Global Director, Sales Director or Commercial Director he has been responsible for driving growth across a range of EdTech products and services to schools, colleges, Universities and Ministries of Education globally.

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