Why Lime?

Welcome to Lime Education Consulting and welcome to Limelight, here I’ll be sharing my thoughts on what is happening in the sector, feeding back on events and conferences, spotlighting great practice and promoting the best of what is happening in the EdTech sector.

I’ve already had some lovely feedback on the name Lime, it’s been described as refreshing and memorable, two things that obviously I had hoped for, but I’m already being asked “Why Lime?” rather than “Ian Hunter Consulting” or something similar.

The smart answer to those who know me and what drink I take, is that it’s the question I get asked most in life, “Would you like Lime with that?”, and there are many ways in which the word lime can be used, however the reality is much more straight forward and personal, I’ve taken the initials of my wife Mel and daughters Ellie and Libby, along with my own, and came up with Lime…….it was either that or you would face a deluge of quips about going the extra MILE.

I hope you enjoy the site.


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About Ian Hunter

Ian has worked in the EdTech market for over 25 years and has worked for some of the largest education companies in the world including Tes Global, Discovery Education and RM Education. As Global Director, Sales Director or Commercial Director he has been responsible for driving growth across a range of EdTech products and services to schools, colleges, Universities and Ministries of Education globally.

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